Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lesson #2 - Second Interview

Tomorrow I have a second interview at a company interested in hiring me to do customer service in a call center. The woman described it as “open cubicles with 25-100 calls per day each call lasting approximately 3.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes.”

Sounds like a dream job.

My heart is broken about it. Like I want to bawl my eyes out when I think about working in a call center. But I have to go tomorrow whether I like it or not, and I have to try my hardest and shine above all the others in my (eek!) group interview. Even with a broken heart.

I feel like I am being squeezed into a glass jar that is too small for me. I guess I am a bit of a dreamer and always want to make sure I have room to be creative. I wish I would just hear back from at least one of the other jobs I applied to that seem to make my heart jump. Okay, okay, I know I am being way overdramatic and taking this job does not mean forever. It’s just during these “tough economic times”, right?

Aside from the long commute, lower pay, and bad schedule, I am sure the people who work there will be nice since it is, by all means, friendly customer service. And besides, they might not even hire me.

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