Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lesson #5 - Crickets

Waiting. I am getting good at it.

Still haven’t gotten a phone call to let me know yay or nay. In fact, all I have seemed to have gotten is the sound of crickets. Like no one is there. Not even a quick email response. It’s confusing.

In other news, I have made it through Day 2 of starting work at 4:00 am. Waking up that early has been brutal. My body pretty much hates me. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go to Day 1, but now it looks like I will be heading to Day 3 tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have a phone interview with another organization. I am very thankful the ball keeps moving somewhere. Hopefully it will stop at a really great place to work before I get too used to a 7:00 pm bedtime.

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