Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lesson #6 - Third Time’s A Charm

You would think by now I would get the hint. But I had to go and apply once more to Whole Foods. And then turn around and get denied almost immediately. Three times! At least they were all at different stores and all different positions. Wait, that means I just got denied three times by three different people. Oh the pain.

Job hunting really gets old after a while. I have been consistently looking for a job here in Portland since April. Let’s do the math – that is 6 months of searching. A half of a year! My goodness, by now you would think I’d be doing something a little more exciting than saying, "Thank you for calling. This is Shannon. How can I help you?" every four and a half minutes.

I seriously never want to look at a job search engine ever again. It’s getting depressing. The listed positions should have a disclaimer that says, "oh and by the way Shannon, there is no possible chance that you will get this job, so don’t even waste your time applying." That would be helpful because then I wouldn’t waste my time. I really hate wasting my time.

I hate wasting time so much that sometimes in interviews when I realize there is no possible chance I am going to get the job I just want to stop and say, "you know this really isn’t going to work out, you and I both know I am not a good fit for this position so lets stop wasting our time, goodbye." But I don’t because I know I shouldn’t. But really I don’t know why I shouldn’t because I know I am not going to get the job. I guess I always hope for that chance. Well that and I’m desperate.

And that brings me to today. Waking up at 2:45 am so I can listen to people from all over the country talk about their petty problems. I guess somebody has to do it.

Desperation, it’s an ugly thing.

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