Monday, November 9, 2009

Lesson #7 - When It Rains It Pours

Endurance. It’s an interesting thing. You know when you are working out and you think you can’t do one more push up or run another second but you somehow manage to push through the pain and finish? That’s what I feel like.

I came home the other night to a wet bed. And no, I did not pee in it. The ceiling did. It was raining in my bedroom. The funny thing is I live on the bottom floor. The even funnier thing is that this is the second leak in our apartment since moving in four months ago.

Portland, so far, has not been my shining moment.

Last week I called in sick to work, mainly because I was sick about the fact that I had to go to work at a call center another day. I would love to report that it is getting easier to go to work each day, but unfortunately it is quite the opposite.

I had an interview last week for a job I would totally love. The only problem is that it is 48 miles away. That makes it a little unappealing. I am really starting to wonder if I am not supposed to be here right now.

We’ll see… Thanksgiving is my ‘deadline’. You never know what can happen by then.

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