Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lesson #11 - Rollercoaster

It’s official. I am moving back to Austin.

I am excited and nervous and happy and sad and ready and scared. All at once.

My family couldn’t be anymore ecstatic, my boyfriend couldn’t be anymore cautious. And I am somewhere in the middle. Maybe a little more on the cautious side mixed with lots of anxiousness and uncertainty as to what to expect.

I haven’t lived in Texas in over 3 years and haven’t been to visit in over 1 year. I know in those 3 years I have attempted to share my love of Texas with my fellow northwesterners but I know I have changed. I am probably a little more liberal, a little more into recycling, and a lot more into hot drinks. Will I get annoyed with the intense conservatism? What will I do with all my composting and plastic bottles? And will I still want to drink hot drinks when it’s breaking 100 degrees outside? These are very pressing questions, people!

In all my crazy anxiousness driving home last night from my boyfriend’s house, a sense of security fell over me. And not security that I would be moving home to the familiar, because in all reality it is far from familiar. The security that Jesus has me strapped in.

You know how everyone always compares life to a rollercoaster and all its ups and downs? And we think it’s going to be okay, because we know rollercoasters are fun. But they are only fun because we trust and have security that the seatbelts we are wearing are going to keep us safe on those ups and downs and sharp turns. If those seatbelts weren’t there, we wouldn’t have fun because fear that we could not hang on would play a huge role. And the fact is we probably couldn’t hang on.

But I am strapped in. And ready to have fun.

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